Ken Crossman

Kenneth CrossmanKen Crossman, LCPC, is the executive director and co-owner of Integrative Psychotherapy Associates, LLC, and has been in practice as a psychotherapist for over 20 years.  Ken sees adults for both individual and couple’s therapy addressing many common areas of concern, including: stress; anxiety; depression; relationship issues; intimacy & communication; self-esteem & identity issues; work & life satisfaction; meaning & purpose; and general unhappiness. Ken’s style is direct and collaborative. He uses a flexible approach rooted in psychoanalytic clinical theory that is adapted to the specific concerns of each individual or couple. His approach is especially effective at getting to the root of long-standing issues, sorting through the confict and confusion, and portraying the path forward in a clear new light. A background in anthropology helps Ken relate personal distress and relational issues to the larger cultural context in which we live. For example, messages from our culture are often behind the unrealistic expectations we have fashioned for ourselves, for our partners, and for how we think our lives should be. Seeing where these expectations come from (cultural myths, commercial advertising, entertainment…) can liberate us to choose more rewarding, less burdensome ways of being.

Ken also specializes in the challenges of parenthood (especially of men becoming fathers) and how “family of origin” issues are transmitted from one generation to the next. Ken received his Master’s degree in psychological anthropology from the University of Chicago where he also conducted doctoral work in comparative human development. He did his clinical training at the Center for Religion & Psychotherapy of Chicago and completed a clinical fellowship in psychiatry & religion at Rush Medical Center, where he later served as Director of Research & Education at the Center for Integrative Mental Health.