David McCracken

David McCracken, MA, LCPC, has worked as a counselor and psychotherapist for nearly a decade after earning his graduate degree in counseling psychology from Northwestern University, where he began his training. He has worked with a wide variety of adults, teens and couples in a number of different settings, from a North Shore youth center to a community mental health clinic, and in private and group practice.

David is experienced in treating depression and anxiety, social anxiety, substance abuse, bipolar disorder, panic disorder and agoraphobia, PTSD, relationship issues, communication and assertiveness skills. He is especially interested in treating people with co-occurring mental disorders and substance abuse – what is sometimes called dual diagnosis – which is a substantial percentage of those seeking help for one or the other. Few clinicians are experienced in treating both sorts of issues despite a growing need.

David works in a supportive, open and collaborative way that respects clients’ autonomy and values, creating a customized approach to each individual that can draw on different therapeutic traditions and techniques. The foundation of that approach is psychodynamic, looking at close early relationships and bringing to light unresolved issues that get in the way of healthy and adaptive functioning. In addition, David draws on cognitive-behavioral therapy, untangling connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviors; mindfulness, easing stress by drawing on ancient mind-body practices such as meditation that neuroscience has increasingly validated; and motivational interviewing, helping clients explore and clarify and put into practice their own reasons for changing behavior.